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"What can I say..... I have been playing drums for many, many years. And, I will continue to play and will only give it up when Bonnie Raitt gives it up. Which means, you will have to pry the sticks from my cold hard hands. I still play and am pretty damn good".

From Chris Balding (harmonica/vocals/song writer):  From the age of five, Deb has always had an affinity for percussion. From dragging the pots and pans out of the kitchen cabinets and “playing” them with wooden spoons, to working for her first drum kit in high school, drums and rhythm have been a major part of Deb’s life. A part which gave her focus and enjoyment. Years later would find Deb playing with some of the best bands in the area, from Blues to Country to Americana. She has played many of the region’s best festivals, from the Will McClean Festival, Gamble Rogers Festival, Hank Williams Festival, various blues festivals in North Florida and South Georgia and Alabama to the longest-running music festival in the country; the Florida Folk Festival. Deb is a drummer’s drummer. She serves the song and grooves the pocket with a love and respect for the music very few poses. Deb is a treat! Treat yourself!

Deb currently plays with JC and The Backscratchers and frequently pick up gigs with various local & regional musicians.  And co-host a monthly blues jam, Juke Joint Jam at Blue Tavern, first Sunday every month.


She has played with the following musicians and bands:

In Deb's words:  I am very fortunate to live in a area blessed with so many excellent musicians; Tallahasse, Florida. Tallahassee is the home of Florida State University (FSU) which is one of the finest music schools in the nation. Charles, known as the "professor of the blues," teaches and conducts the blues and improvisation labs at FSU.

Two people in my life have given me the most musical inspiration; Clark Gandy (I miss you dearly) and Charles Atkins. Mr. Gandy is no longer with us, but he believed in my music more than anyone I know. He was my music instructor from age 12 to age 18. Charles now provides me the opportunity to once again learn more and more about becoming, not only a fine musican, but a professional musican. Charles gave me the nickname, "Sweetgroove".

I don't have any specific musical or artist influence. I don't have a favorite artist; I like so many in all genres. It just has to be good. I do tend to lean toward country and blues. I love the emotion from both.

Anyway, I hope to see you around. And beware, I now have a new slogan, given to me by Carrie Hamby from The Mayhaws, "She has a cowbell, and she knows how to use it."

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